I'm Mister Twisted

(Click on the Picture Above*)

The Key you have turned has Unlocked a New Dimension,. A Dimension of Sights, Sounds, Sensations, A Demention of My Mind. We Control your Computer Screen. Do Not Attempt to Adjust it. We will Adjust your Brain Patterns for you. We control your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings. We will TWIST Your Mind. Look the sign post up ahead...."THE TWISTED ZONE"

*If you click on the Picture above, It will open another window, with a picture of ME (Mr. Twisted) that will refresh every 60 seconds If I am on-line with the camera running, and not using it in a Netmeeting Video Phone Call. And My picture will follow you while you surf. This is the Entrance Page. This will lead you to the Map Room. All of My other pages will be linked to the Four Corners Map Room FOUR CORNERS Read the Twisted Tribune Newspaper when you get to the Map Room. It should help answer some of your questions.

We Now return control of Your Computer, to You, Until Next Time in...."THE TWISTED ZONE"

Please E-Mail me Your Comments or suggestions mike@krainbrink.com