Welcome to Karla's Cage. I hope you aren't feeling too "uncomfortable."



Karla the Raptor

Karla, the name means "Protector." Karla was a gift from a dear freind. He actually paid over 2000.00 to have this magnificently beautiful dog flown in straight from Germany. We picked the dog up at the airport, in a flying crate with her sister Teeka. These are just some of the photos of Karla that I have taken. She is full of energy. She is also one of the smartest dogs I have ever known. She will learn a new command after only one or two repetitions of the command.As you can see for yourself, she is just adorable.


Except for the picture in the lower left, these are the most recent photos I have of Karla.



This is Karla when she was about 6 months old. Isn't she adorable?



This is Karla right after I got her home. You can see it in her expressions that she isn't going to be taking anyone's "guff."



Hope you enjoyed your "visit." Please e-mail your comments/suggestions to mike@krainbrink.com

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