Bagna Calda

(Roasted Garlic Dish)




2 lbs. of peeled Garlic Cloves (whole cloves)

2 tablespoons of Anchovy paste

1 bunch of fresh Parsley (chopped fine)

Fresh Basil and/or Oregano (optional, use when serving with Italian food.)

Olive Oil

French Bread or Baguette

Place Garlic into a Casserole Baking dish. Add Anchovy paste, Parsley, Basil/Oregano, Then cover the entire ingredients with olive oil, and stir. Make sure that ALL of it is covered with the Olive Oil. Then bake in oven at 275 degrees for about 15-30 minutes, (oven times vary so cook until the cloves are soft and squishy, easily mashed with a fork and just turning golden color.) You will have to watch them for the last 5-10 minutes to insure that you DO NOT over cook them. Then serve the cloves with Hot French Bread and Butter. The Garlic should be spooned onto the French Bread and Smooshed with a spoon or fork. Cooking time may vary, but make sure you do not overcook. This is actually an appetizer, but we have many times, used it as the main course. It is very good, and very good for you. If you like Garlic, you will Love this dish. (May cause intense Flatulence.)





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